Hanging with Libby Street on New Years Eve

During the presentation/signing yesterday as part of the First Night Dover New Years fiesta, I sat next to Libby Street–(Sarah Bushweller and Emily Morris) authors of The Accidental It Girl.

They’re nice ladies, and I’m amazed that they can write novels together. I’m too territorial of my stories. Anyway, I grabbed a copy of one of their books for my juniors on Monday; it’ll be off my shelf by the end of first period. We also got a chance to discuss the important things in life like the merits of Batman and Superman–since Sarah wrote her senior thesis on Superman.

And for future signing/presentation attendees out there, the bar has been raised. One visitor brought her pet flying squirrel tucked in a pouch inside her jacket.

So now, I expect all future attendees to bring cute rodents hidden about their person.

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I teach, write YA novels, take random pictures, and tell bad jokes. View all posts by tonyvarrato

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