This Summer’s Ambitious Book Stack

This Summer's Ambitious Book Stack

Summer is officially one day shy of two months this year, but I think I can tackle these. Several are recommendations from friends and students, and the rest I picked up throughout the year.

Feel like checking out reviews of these or past recommendations? Click the photo.


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2 responses to “This Summer’s Ambitious Book Stack

  • MJC

    So was this veture sucessful?

  • tonyvarrato

    Yes, MJC! I read most of them: Doomsday, Liars, Cat, Whammy, Peregrines, and Gone Girl. I did not get to the others. Instead, I worked in the second installment of Peregrine’s. And re-read Dorian Gray and Curious Incident for my day job. (And recently, The Extras–thumbs up, btw–but that’s for another list) I have already started amassing the new summer stack.

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