Summer of 2015 Reading Stack

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Since teaching requires so much essay reading and prep reading—which here means rereading Crime and Punishment or Purple Hibiscus for the 15th time before I teach it again–I rarely get to read for fun until Summer. So, with the school year mostly wrapped, it’s time to start this year’s stack that I’ve been building all year.

The Infinite Sea–Yancey  (Fifth Wave part II)

Trigger Warning–Gaiman

The Girl on the Train–Hawkins (Mother-in-law recommended this one)

The Marbury Lens–Smith (student rec)

The Alex Crow–Smith (different Smith)

Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls–Sedaris (teacher rec)

The Drowning Girl–Kiernan

Song of Solomon–Morrison  (My classic of the summer)

I am the Messenger–Zusak (Kinda embarrassed I haven’t read this yet)

I always shoot for 10 books and have only selected nine so far, so I’ve got one space left to fill. I’ll probably scour Amazon and Goodreads for recommendations. …unless…

Do you have a suggestion? I’m looking especially for new YA–within the last year. I tend to like more actiony types, but I’m adventurous. Whatcha got?


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