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Not Finding a Ghost



            11:45pm.  I’m sitting next to my son and brother-in-law in the basement movie theater of The Inn at Pocono Manor watching the credits roll on I Am Legend.

            “You know this place is haunted,” my offspring utters.

            “I have heard rumors,” I say.  “What do you know?”

            “A three-year-old fell down the stairs to the basement and died.”

            “When was this?”

            “About 1902.”

            “Well,” I say, “Let’s go find the stairs.”

            With my usual tact, I walk up to the night clerk.  “Excuse me.  Could you point me to the haunted stairs?”

            “This hotel isn’t haunted,” she says.

            “But if it were haunted,” I say, using the subjunctive tense because it’s never too late at night for proper grammar, “what staircase would the ghost haunt.”

            “The one behind you,” she says.

            And so we go down the stairs and look around the basement hallways.  No ghost.


            “Can I help you?” a man in a gray/brown uniform says.  He is standing in a doorway I didn’t notice before.

            I jump a little.

            “Oh, hey,” I explain.  “We’re just looking around for a ghost.”

            “You set off my security cameras.”

            “Sorry about that,” I say.  “The clerk said this place isn’t haunted.  We just wanted to have a look.”

            “Not haunted?” he says.  “Of course it’s haunted.  I play with that little girl all the time.  I even changed offices once—all the way to the other end of the hotel–and she found me.  We’re filming a paranormal activity show here next month.  It’s haunted.”

            He stops talking.  He stares at us. He holds the door open.

            “You want us to leave now, don’t you?” I say.

            “Yes, if you would.”

            So we do.


Summer Reading

Summer Reading

I was going for some diversity this summer.
2 Months…I can do this.

New Teaching Article Is Live

My new teaching column was posted this morning on Reading Today Online, the International Reading Association’s online magazine.
“Sorting out the Details” can be found here.

101 Books to Read

I found this on Obviously it’s from last summer, but it’s cool enough to check out even several months late.

Read with the flow!

Read with the flow!

Just picked these up

zombies and star wars!

zombies and star wars!

How did I not know there was a Star Wars zombie series??? And I the Walter Dean Myers book, so WDM can sign it at our presentation in March.

Sooooo, the next two weeks are supposed to be interesting.


Brain Overload…Need Shock Therapy

New story is out doing its thing in Agent Land.
150+ essays are sprawled in front of me awaiting the mighty blue pen.
Newer book proposal is coming together too slowly.

I need another run through fire and electrical wires in a big way.
This Friday’s night race through the woods will have to do for now.
Until then, this photo is my happy place.

cough, cough, hack!

I don’t know why my tongue is sticking out.