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The List of Power!

My wife’s superhero name is List Woman!

There are lists everywhere: on the fridge, next to the phone, on my place-mat. Things need to get done, and she’s gonna make sure they do. Dylan has a list of things to do in order to get into college. I get a daily list to accomplish, she has her own list of Master Plan events. The most dreaded list of all, The Summer Project Uber List, casts a dark shadow over my near future.

Her real superpower, though, is infection. I tried to fight it with the penicillin of defiance and jokes, but still I caught the list disease.

The things she writes down get done. Not because my wife’s a tyrant. It’s probably because once it’s written, it’s out there. The world knows you’re supposed to do it, so you’d better step up. That’s the philosophy behind NaNoWriMo, but November is way too busy for me. However, since I’ve taken a 2-year writing hiatus due my teaching schedule, I need to accomplish some major work in my two months of summer.

I’m not even sure if you are still reading this, but that’s OK. This list is out there, so it will be accomplished. And that’s what gives it super power.

And now…

[the sound of trumpets]

The Summer Writing List…

Write article for Engage, the International Reading Association’s online magazine (June 11)
Finish revision and submit book project 1 (June 30ish)
Finish rewrite of book project 2 (July 31ish)
Agent things (July)
Update too many blogs and web pages. (Throughout—but start today!)

And oh yeah, it’s summer, so I should schedule in some fun
Take a road trip with the fam
Take kids to ballet, band, karate, and whatever…
Kayak and train for next obstacle race (Zombie run?)
Go to the beach and get better at skim boarding
Read 10 books this summer (I’m on number 2).

OK. Let’s get to it.