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Brain Overload…Need Shock Therapy

New story is out doing its thing in Agent Land.
150+ essays are sprawled in front of me awaiting the mighty blue pen.
Newer book proposal is coming together too slowly.

I need another run through fire and electrical wires in a big way.
This Friday’s night race through the woods will have to do for now.
Until then, this photo is my happy place.

cough, cough, hack!

I don’t know why my tongue is sticking out.

Labor Day

So I’ve got a 4-day weekend and a hurricane named Earl on my side. I’m going to cut 40 pages of deadwood from the current MS and add 4,000 words of good stuff. Oh, and I’ll need to grade those intro essays I’m collecting today. It’s an odd way to say goodbye to summer, but it’ll have to do.

Here’s a pretty picture of a sandpiper from last weekend.

Sand piper