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Brain Overload…Need Shock Therapy

New story is out doing its thing in Agent Land.
150+ essays are sprawled in front of me awaiting the mighty blue pen.
Newer book proposal is coming together too slowly.

I need another run through fire and electrical wires in a big way.
This Friday’s night race through the woods will have to do for now.
Until then, this photo is my happy place.

cough, cough, hack!

I don’t know why my tongue is sticking out.


Adding a little spark to your life

Chuck Palahniuk wrote: “I don’t want to die without any scars.”

So I tried to add a couple more last weekend at the Tough Mudder in PA.
The electric shocks and the ice cubes were the least comfortable of the obstacles, but the log carry was the most physically demanding for me. So now I know what to work on for next time.
I shoulda picked a smaller one

If you call running through fire fun and don’t mind a few scars, I highly recommend checking out a Tough Mudder or a similar obstacle race.
And if you’ve tried any of the other races: Spartan, Warrior, Urbanathalon tell me what you thought.